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OnTarget Consulting Services, LLC

"We help our customers plan-out problems appropriately and execute solutions consistently". SM.


We believe that the clinical and pathology laboratory testing industry will continue to experience growth in testing volume due to the following factors:

  • Aging of the population of the United States;
  • Patient awareness of the value of laboratory tests;
  • Decrease in the cost of tests;
  • Development of sophisticated and specialized tests for early detection of disease and disease management;
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases, such as AIDS and Hepatitis C;
  • Increased recognition of early detection and prevention as a means of reducing healthcare costs;
  • The emergence of employer-sponsored wellness programs; and
  • Additional research and development in genomics.

OnTarget Consulting Services (OTCS), LLC will provide only qualified technical consultants to fulfill the laboratory consultation needs our clients deserve. Some of our lab consultants are charter members of the Association for Clinical Laboratory Technical Consultants (ACLTC). OTCS offers technical and clinical consulting laboratory services and training services in all clinical laboratory specialties, including regulatory, managerial, and financial services. Consulting services are provided to all types of clinical laboratories, including governmental, academia, hospital, reference, and physician laboratories.

OTCS provides consulting services to:

  • Hospital and Reference Clinical Laboratories
  • Physician Office Laboratories and Surgery Centers
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Device Manufactures


An accredited laboratory is one that is inspected by a private not-for-profit accrediting organization that has been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and its requirements deemed as equivalent to or more stringent than CMS's regulatory requirements. An approved accrediting organization can inspect a laboratory in lieu of CMS. We can assist your organization in meeting the needs of the following accrediting bodies:

  • CAP - College of American Pathologists
  • CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
  • COLA - Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation
  • JCAHO - The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations


OTCS will conduct an operational and risk assessment of the existing laboratory in terms of its overall operational infrastructure and render recommendations on the strategic restructuring of the laboratory and create a plan with clear priorities for implementing the project’s recommended improvement interventions and for monitoring progress going forward. The assessment will focus on the following:

  • Core Lab – Improve operations at your core lab and/or determine if a core lab ‘build’ is right for your system
  • Due Diligence – Provide objective, independent advice to help you make an informed decision concerning major projects, purchases, or transactions.
  • New Technology – Providing an assessment of technological advancements
  • Consolidation & Restructuring – Streamlining operations by identifying the best models for restructuring and consolidating your service lines
  • Meaningful Use – Ensuring the readiness of your organization to leverage the most from your information technology systems and clients


The consistent advances in technology require technicians to stay informed and current on the equipment in their lab and within their field. We ensure your team is adequately trained and complies with any required industry certifications.

  • Maximizing the performance, effectiveness, and skills of your laboratory personnel
  • Evaluation and recommendation of all training needs
  • Ensuring that laboratory testing personnel are properly and adequately trained
  • Provide job description advice, orientation checklists, competency evaluations, and validation skills