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OnTarget Consulting Services, LLC

"We help our customers plan-out problems appropriately and execute solutions consistently". SM.


Virtual Organizing 

Virtual organizing will work for you if:

  • Your funds are limited, and you want to make the most of those funds.
  • You believe a four-hour session would be a bit much for what you are attempting to declutter.
  • You have worked with us in the past and need a "touch-up," if you will.
  • You are outside of our typical service area.

If any of the above sounds like your situation, we are willing to meet your decluttering and organizing needs via phone or video chat. Hence, a virtual appointment will allow us to work work with you from the comfort of your home or your office.

Benefits of Virtual Sessions

The Virtual Session allows you to do the work yourself while giving you the skills for how you can take on other decluttering projects without our direct involvement. You will gain the mindset to take on other decluttering projects with confidence.

Here are a few other benefits:

  • Low-cost entry point: I am currently offering a three-hour virtual organizing package that provides an entry into the experience of professional organizing support at an unusually low price point.
  • Short sessions: Virtual sessions are significantly shorter than in-person sessions, which works well to combat decision fatigue and maximize your investment.
  • Flexibility with the time of day: As the organizer does not need to travel to your location, there is no worrying about rush hour!
  • Consistent support over a period of time: Spreading the shorter sessions out over several weeks or months allows you to practice and integrate your new skills.
  • Accountability: Email support and multiple virtual sessions provide accountability and offer opportunities to work through any hurdles you encounter.

Virtual consultations are $80 per hour with a 3-hour package minimum. Purchase the service you want below and call us to schedule your virtual organizing session. When the session time arrives, one of our Decluttering Specialists will contact you via the number or email address you provide in the virtual session planning form.

You might take advantage of our three-hour virtual organizing package and benefit from having 2-3 virtual sessions for less than the cost of one four-hour hands-on session.  

Onsite Sessions

Hands-on organizing is the best choice if:

  • You need help with moving objects in your home or office.
  • You would like for your organizer to take donations to a donation location near you.
  • You live where our in-person services are offered. We offer in-person services in the Atlanta metropolitan area.
  • You would like assistance with the physical work.

Hands-on Sessions may include:

  • A discussion to help you reflect on your vision and goals.
  • A detailed assessment of your home or office identifies areas for improvement and resources to assist you in reaching your goals.
  • Pinpointing an area that you would like to transform, such as kitchen pantry or attic.


Hands-on Organizing‚Äč

Virtual Organizing

FREE DECLUTTERING CONSULTATION OFFER: Would you like a free 20-minute consultation? If so, please schedule your online session by give us a call at 404-890-0468.