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OnTarget Consulting Services, LLC

"We help our customers plan-out problems appropriately and execute solutions consistently". SM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is virtual organizing different from hands-on support?

A: The only difference is that in a virtual session, the organizer is not physically standing by your side and moving the objects in your home along with you.

If you wish to have physical support in moving things in your home or office or would benefit from someone taking items away to a donation location, then hands-on support may be the best choice for you. We have a small enthusiastic team of well-trained organizers who can support you if you feel you would benefit most from hands-on support. If you are overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, either service will work.

Q: How can you help me if you can’t see what I’m working with?

A: I can be in the room with you using the camera on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, but I don’t need to. As you share what you see, how long it has been there, and what it represents to you, we can find solutions that you can implement on your own or with the support of an on-site helper to provide physical support if needed.

Q: Can virtual organizing be done without using video?

A: Absolutely! I am working with a client by phone as she goes through years of newspaper clippings and resources from her reporting and research.