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OnTarget Consulting Services, LLC

"We help our customers plan-out problems appropriately and execute solutions consistently". SM.


Project / Program Management Tools

What commercially offered tools does OTCS use to management project tasks and budgets?

  • Microsoft Project – task and milestone management
  • Microsoft Word – status reporting
  • Microsoft Excel – budget management and dashboar reporting
  • Microsoft Visio – network and systems diagramming 

Modes of Compensation for Work Performed by OTCS, LLC

  1. What are OTCS's typical modes of compensation for work performed by OTCS?

The relevant Statement of Work shall indicate whether the compensation for OTCS for the services performed by or on behalf of OTCS will be based on a fixed fee or will be based on time and materials in accordance with OTCS standard rates. If Client selects OTCS, flexible payment terms and other options can be discussed.

Terms for Time-and-Materials Basis Compensation Unless otherwise specified in the relevant Statement of Work, Clien tshall pay for the time spent by OTCS in performing services hereunder, including billable travel time, in accordance with OTCS’s established policies, charges and rates in effect when the services are rendered. OTCS’s compensation shall be based on time spent and Out-of-Pocket Expenses incurred and not on the completion of any particular task or delivery of any product orDeliverable. OTCS asks for three monthsof labor as a pre-payment from Client. OTCS shall invoice Client monthly for services rendered and Out-of-Pocket Expenses incurred during the period then ended, unless otherwise specified in the relevant Statement of Work. A ten percent (10%) contingency will befactored in until Client has accepted all work.

Terms for Fixed-Price Basis Compensation OTCS shall invoice Client for charges payable under the Contract Documents when and asthey become due. Unless otherwise indicated in the relevant Statement of Work, Client shall pay OTCS an amounte qual to thirty percent (30%) of the fee under that Statement of Work for year1 before OTCS begins work under that Statement of Work, and Client shall pay OTCS an amount equal to 60% of the fee in equal, pre-monthly installments throughout the term that is scheduled for work under that Statement of Work. A ten percent (10%) contingency has been factored in until Client has accepted all work.

Contract Documents

  1. What engagement documents are used to initiate the services of OTCS?

  • Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Professional Services Agreement (PSA)
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Purchase Order (PO)