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PM Corner (Blog)

PM Corner (Blog)

Transparency is the New Currency...The Path to Becoming a Trusted Partner

Posted by James Truesdale on March 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM


With plenty of competent professionals in your field, your client is looking to engage with a professional who can deliver and deliver well consistently. Besides, they also want to see if you are willing to tell it like it is even when the news is not the best. Being transparent is an art and not merely an articulation of what is on your mind. You must be diplomatic while being transparent. By subtle, I do not mean political. Instead, I am recommending that you demonstrate empathy with a dose of courage.


Many of our competitors in our field of study are very competent. Certifications are abounding. It is hard to compete with degrees and sometimes even with experience. Yes, we all have great resumes, and if we do not, we can find a ghostwriter with the right words to enhance our resumes. You can obtain a degree without stepping on a physical campus. You can achieve just about any certification online from any location in the world. So, we cannot win the competition based on access to data. Access to great information is available to anyone as long as he or she has a reliable internet connection. And, for some web sites, a secure connection may be a requirement. But this is becoming less of the norm because internet access has become ubiquitous.

So, what is your edge? What will allow you to beat your competition when you possess all the necessary tangibles such as experiences, certifications, and essential education. The advantage that will assist you in overcoming your competition is hard work under-girded by a healthy dose of transparency. Let me explain what I mean by transparency. Most people view honesty and openness as the same. Honesty and transparency are not the same. For example, I can deliver an honest presentation in that I am offering what I promised. You asked for an objective discussion of x, and I provide that. So, you might say that is how you define transparency. Well, here is my definition of transparency by way of an example. Transparency is about being transparent. You are coming from a place of integrity with yourself. You are willing to be more than honest in all your dealings. You are ready to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is displayed when you honestly say you do not know something at the risk of losing a client or even a friend. It is from this vantage point that you are a Trusted Partner

So, here are a few characteristics to determine if you are a Trusted Partner:

* Clients ask for you by name based on your past performance..

* You are sought out for advice that goes beyond your described expertise.

* You maintain relationships with your clients that aren’t just business based.

* You have such a strong personal brand that outsiders seek you out for speaking engagements, writing articles, or special projects.

All the best in your engagements. May your transparency increase your receipt of financial currency. Yes, transparency is the new currency.


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